Ticker: UNIW
Contract Address: 0x2a0cf46ECaaEAD92487577e9b737Ec63B0208a33
Chain: Ethereum PoW (ETHW)


UNIW is the core token that powers the Uniwswap ecosystem and its an utility token.
Earn UNIW from Yield Farms and Pools, buy it on the exchange, then explore its use cases:
  • Stake it in Pools or Farms to earn rewards
  • Get access to launchpad via Uniwswap (soon)!

Total Supply

50,000,000 UNIW

Initial Allocation

  • (100,000 UNIW ) for Fair Launch Presale - 100% destined to users
  • (100,000 UNIW ) for Initial Liquidity
  • (4,000,000 UNIW ) Burned pre-launch, it would be the team tokens but we decided to not have them.

Update: Burned Team Tokens

During the initial IDO the team decided to burn their allocated tokens. Actually the team does NOT have any team token. The only source of income is from DEX and FARM fees.