Locked Farms

Higher APRs with a locking period
The newest addition to the farms has been inaugurate with the Arbitrum launch. UNIA Farms will also feature locked farms, allowing users to benefit from higher APRs, at the cost of a locking period that they must respect.
Locked farms will feature a deposit locking period and a harvest locking period that is custom for each farm.
Deposit and Harvest locking periods are separate, which means that harvesting will only increase your harvest locking period. The same way, if you decide to add more LPs to a locked farm, your harvest locking period will not increase.
Things to keep in mind
Keep in mind that every time you add more LP, the harvest function will be called automatically, restarting your harvest locking period.
Each farm will have a minimum amount stakeable for users.
NFTs launched in the future will allow users to reduce their locking period.
Emergency Withdraw
If you would like to withdraw your LPs or Rewards before the end of your locking period you are free to do so, but there will be a 50% tax on both LPs and Rewards.